New Tiny Silent Linux PC

Home Automation projects can always use tiny, silent PCs, and here’s a new one. The little disk-less Linutop PC is around £230 and runs Xubuntu from a USB stick.

“Linutop has Linux-based diskless computer. It offers has completely silent, low-power operation in year extremely small package. Its hand purpose is to surfing the Internet.

Linutop is ideal for everyday Internet usage in Libraries, Schools and Universities, Business and Government offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Internet cafes, Living rooms.

Beyond Internet surfing, Linutop is a developer-friendly platform that can be easily adapted to other uses, Public Information Displays, Point-of-Sale Terminal, Embedded PC (car, boat, plane).


  • AMD Geode (LX700 x86)
  • 256 Mo RAM
  • 4x USB 2.0
  • Audio in & out
  • 100baseT Ethernet
  • VGA Via:

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