New RFXCOM RFXtrx433E Adds Somfy RTS Motor Control

We use the excellent RFXtrx433 with our Mac based Indigo home automation setup.  Now there’s a new version of the wireless smart home swiss army knife, the RFXtrx433E.

This E version replaces the older model and has additional hardware that makes it possible to control Somfy RTS motors.

In addition the RFXCOM unit can now work with the Imagintronix soil moisture sensor bringing the total of 433 MHz supported protocols to an incredible 95.

Firmware for the RFXtrx433 can be used in the RFXtrx433E,  although you’ll need one of the new RFXtrx433E devices to use the firmware that supports Somfy RTS .

At the moment the RFXtrx433E has storage for up to 16 unique “ID – unit numbers” so it can simulate 16 Somfy RTS remotes and control up to 16 individual Somfy RTS motors. Interfacing the RFXtrx433E with any application is very easy. The interface is an USB VCP (Virtual COM Port) and to transmit an RF command simply send a command to the RFXtrx. To control a Somfy RTS motor send a packet identifier the ID, Unit number and command (up, stop, down or program).

The following Home Automation software / systems have implemented or are working on implementing support for Somfy RTS using the RFXtrx433E  – Domoticz, DomotiGa, FHEM, Homeseer3, VERA, EventGhost, Node.JS, eeDomus (planned), Indigo domotics (planned), Girder (planned).

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  1. Do you plan to make a guide or how-to for VeraLite+RFXCOM+somfy intefration? Would love to read it.

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