Motorised Radiator Valve Harvests Thermal Energy for Battery Free Operation

German manufactures Micropelt are producing an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve (iTRV) that uses a thermogenerator chip to convert thermal energy (heat) into electricity.  This allows them to create a battery-free self powering unit that, in condjuction with its build in EnOcean radio, becomes part of a smart home heating control system. Check out the video below…

Smart valve with multiple features – The Micropelt thermogenerator chip MPG-D65x converts the temperature difference between the radiator and the ambient room temperature into electrical energy. The thermo voltage is stabilized, managed and stored by our efficient power management circuitry, which drives the actuator as well as the wireless communication.

The energy-friendly actuator design including gear and motor as well as the ultra-low power electronics keep the energy consumption at a minimum. Therefore the iTRV delivers multiple adjustments per day and can communicate regularly with the room controller.
The smart valve is equipped with a rechargeable storage element to accumulate surplus energy for the transition months in spring and fall. In summer the iTRV automatically enters sleep mode but wakes up again routinely as soon as the heating is turned back on.


  • Battery and maintenance free operation
  • Communicates bi-directional with EnOcean radio
  • Compact design 60x70x50mm
  • Easy retro-fit to existing radiators
  • Status information to visualize energy-management
  • Energy-friendly valve gear allows multiple adjustments per day
  • Exact valve position guarantees precise room temperature
  • Thermal optimized housing maximizes operation
  • Self-starting system, also with low inlet temperatures and during transition periods
  • Automatic sleep mode during summer period   :   More HVAC Articles

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3 Comments on "Motorised Radiator Valve Harvests Thermal Energy for Battery Free Operation"

  1. We need to be doing this kind of high tech manufacturing in the UK.

  2. and what’ll be the price for iTRV?

  3. Andy in Norwich | February 14, 2014 at 4:06 pm |

    Existing electronic TRVs use 2 X AA batteries and last how long? I reckon 6 months for alkalines like Duracell. They cost in the region of £40 each. I’ve seen them from £25 to over £60 for Honeywells. I reckon that the iTRVs need to cost under £60 each to sell well, otherwise people will stick to battery models. hope the Micropelt units aren’t priced out of the market, but have a feeling they will.

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