Marmitek Launch USB CM15Pro With X-10 ActiveHomePro Software


CM15 Pro

The new CM15Pro from Marmitek is like a CM12 on acid!  As well as the usual X10 powerline functionality the CM15 also includes a built in RF transceiver.  The unit has other significant advantages over the CM12 including a logic engine and 8 times more memory meaning it can cope with over 1,400 timers/macros compared to around 100 in the older unit.

Supplied with X-10 ActiveHomePro software the unit is currently available with plugs for 2 European regions, hopefully with more to follow.

“With extras like extended codes, conditional macros and a built in transceiver, this product offers the functionality of a computer interface and a transceiver in one. In combination with the CM15Pro you only need receivers in order to control your lighting and equipment. With your computer you can program whatever you like. Switching on your lights at set or varying times (intelligent presence simulation), creating a home movie theatre, switching your outside lighting or having a fresh pot of coffee ready when you are woken up by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. Once everything is set according to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of the CM15Pro and turn off your computer. You can also pre-set the CM15Pro for use in another house.”

  • This is the Pro-version of the CM11.
  • More programming possibilities because of conditional macros. For instance; the simulation of presence is executed only when your alarm is activated.
  • More memory; possibility to use approximately 1.400 macros/timers.
  • Ready built X-10 RF transmitter and X-10 transceiver (like the TM13) for specific or all home codes.
  • User friendly software for beginners, with numerous extension possibilities for the experienced X-10 user.
  • Software in English.
  • Can be placed out of sight because of the supplied 1 metre power cord.

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  1. bobbromfield | October 28, 2021 at 7:24 pm |

    do you have any of these CM15PRO

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