Marmitek Introduces the TIP10RF IP to X10 RF Transceiver

Marmitek clearly believe there’s life in the old dog yet with the introduction of the TIP10RF IP to X10 RF Transceiver.

For around £50 this device allows you to control your X10 modules from your mobile device (smartphone / tablet) with a free Android app available now and an iOS version to follow soon.

On one side of the gateway is an Ethernet port to connect to your home LAN and on the other is an RF transmitter that can talk to your TM13U transceiver or CM15Pro PC Interface.  You can continue the fun when away from your home with the appropriate port forwarding on your router too.

For many with a basic X10 setup this will allow them to easily and inexpensively add the most important home automation interface of the day (the smartphone) and without the need for a computer running 24/7.

TIP10RF, the latest controller to operate Marmitek X-10 Home Automation using free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Marmitek X10 Home Automation enables you to (automatically) operate equipment and switch lighting on/off within your home.
Obviously, you can already operate the system by using either a Marmitek remote control, a computer with the Marmitek software plus interface or a personalised Touch Panel that could be used both as a wall panel or a table model.  But now it’s also possible to operate your Marmitek X10 installation from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

Close your shutters from your holiday address when your weather app warns you about a thunderstorm approaching your home. Turn on the lights while approaching your home to avoid entering a dark driveway. Switch on the garden lights while at a party, because your brother wants to come by your home and borrow the barbecue. Wherever you are, use your smartphone or tablet to operate your X-10 Home Automation System.

Installing the TIP10RF is easy. Connect the receiver to your router at home, install the app and it’s ready for operation.
The TIP10RF has a suggested retail price of € 59.95 (incl. VAT).

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Marmitek TIP10RF IP to X10 RF Transceiver

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to operate your X10 devices.
  • The TIP10RF is the interface between the X10 and smartphone or tablet and is connected directly to your network router using the supplied network cable.
  • The TIP10RF sends commands wirelessly to the nearest transceiver, e.g. a TM13 or CM15Pro.
  • Works without a computer: no need to leave your computer turned on.
  • The TIP10RF will be automatically detected when used within a home network. When used outside the home network, the router should be set to NAT or Port Forwarding.
  • Download the free Android app from the Play Store. An iOS app for iPhone and iPad will follow shortly.
  • Works excellently in combination with a CM15Pro because of the built-in transceiver, macro function, programmable timers, etc.

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  1. Dave Palmer | April 3, 2019 at 7:22 pm |

    Has the name of the TIP10RF App changed it’s name ? Can’t seem to find it now I want to download it to a second device.

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