Loxone Unveil Multi Extension Air for Smart Home Retrofits

Loxone have taken the wraps off their new ‘Multi Extension Air’ module. Designed specifically with retrofit projects in mind, it can be installed practically anywhere, communicating wirelessly with the Loxone Miniserver and Air Base extension.

The new module includes integrated PWM outputs for control of LED lighting (RGBW dimmer) or for controlling pumps with PWM inputs. Its 1-Wire interface allows connection of up to 20 temperature sensors or unlimited iButtons for access control.

In addition 8 digital outputs can be used to switch anything from sockets, lights, pumps, blinds, sprinklers etc.  Loxone have used bi-stable relays in the module which makes them energy efficient as they only use power when being switched. On the input side there are 12 digital ins to connect to your switches, window contacts, motion sensors etc.

Loxone believe they have a strong all rounder in the Multi Extension Air and that it will be perfect for many retrofitting applications. Available now for around £400.


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