LinkDesk Room Locator: Next Gen Bluetooth Motion Detector

Today, LinkDesk have released their new ‘Room Locator’ in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

Room Locator is a small battery powered wireless Bluetooth device for Apple iPhone and iPad that triggers smart home devices when a room is entered or left.

Unlike previous indoor location systems such as Apple iBeacon or Google Eddystone, LinkDesk goes one step further by offering a product that is specifically designed for use in individual rooms.

LinkDesk say the device can replace traditional motion detectors and comes with added smart functionality to digitally determine whether someone is entering or leaving the room. The location of your Apple iPhone or iPad is used to trigger compatible smart home devices.

Different smart options are available to automatically switch on the lights and efficiently activate the heating. When a room is left, smart home devices can be switched off for intelligent energy saving.
LinkDesk Room Locator - iPhone

The location of your Apple iPhone or iPad is used to trigger compatible smart home devices. Room Locator supports an ever-growing number of Smart Home devices, such as smart lamps, thermostats, and door locks. The housing of the Room Locator is small, slim and stylish. Thanks to the built-in battery, no cables or sockets are necessary. With the provided adhesive pad, the Room Locator can easily be attached to any surface. The Room Locator’s signal range is optimized for rooms between approximately 10 sqm and 40 sqm, so only one Room Locator is required per room.

Combined with the new Room Locator, the well-proven HomeKit app Devices allows you to quickly manage and intuitively control smart home devices.

Setting the room triggers is just as simple as setting a traditional alarm clock. Even the most complex triggers can be set up quickly and easily and are clearly and conveniently displayed in an overview. This way, you will know at all times what is happening in your home.

The HomeKit app Devices can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple App Store.

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