KAT5 IR Upgrades


Keith Doxey’s KAT5 units will have the long awaited IR upgrades available any day now!…


“KAT5 infraRed upgrades will be available shortly after UKHA 2004. I am hoping that the PCB’s will arrive in time for UKHA2004 so that I can show the finished boards but in the meantime here is a little teaser showing the final prototype.

There are two main features of the IR upgrades. The first is the obvious one, control of source equipment from a remote destination over the same CAT5 cable that is carrying the KAT5 AV signals. This works with any 38kHz based remote control and has been tested with SKY Digital, TiVo, Freeview and various VCR’s and DVD players… The second feature is SCART control. This senses the voltage levels on the control pin of the Source Equipment SCART and replicates them at the remote end. There is support for Widescreen/Fullscreen switching. In addition, there is also manual control of the SCART switching by IR control. The user can select OFF/Wide/Full/Auto. In Auto mode the switching is controlled by the source equipment. Full details on pricing and availability will be published on the website towards the end of May.


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