Just received the following from Total Telematics…
“We have recently added ezVID, ezMouse and ezKey to our collection of outstanding uController interface products.
ezVID is a serial interface which allows for easy connection between your microcontroller project and any video source which is capable of accepting an NTSC video signal. We are stocking two versions of this great board so check them out under the product category ezModules. Many UK TV/Video’s can easily accept an NTSC signal!
ezMouse is by far the easiest way for your microcontroller project to interface with a standard PS2 mouse. The uses for this board are endless but include Automation, Robotics, On Screen Displays and Data Input…
ezKey will allow you to interface your microcontroller project to a standard PS2 keyboard without any need to learn how the PS2 keyboard protocol works.
Total Telematics is proud and pleased to bring these fantasic products to Automated Home and the UK as European Distributor for Multilabs.


To see these great products then go to:


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