Cytech Launch Heatmiser Interface to Comfort Smart Home Security System

Cytech Technology has announce the UCM/Heatmiser which allows the Heatmiser Smart Home heating system thermostats to be integrated with their Comfort Integrated Intruder alarm and Home Automation System.

The UCM/Heatmiser allows temperature values from up to 32 thermostats to be updated to Comfort. Comfort is also able to read the heating and cooling states as well as the Setpoints of any thermostat on the network. This alllows Comfort to change the setpoint of the thermostat by Schedule, or when the security system is armed to Away, Night, or Vacation Modes or when the system is disarmed.

The free Comfort iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are also able to read the temperatures and change the setpoints of the thermostats as well as controlling lights, AV, appliances and security system in the home. The UCM/Heatmiser has different versions to support the RS485 Network models as well as the wifi Heatmiser models.  :  Available from

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