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James Hoye has just left after a hectic week of HA projects. In the first of several updates to this diary section, here are some pictures of the upgrade to my TiVos hard drive and the fitting of the TurboNET network card.

The original drive was taken out of TiVo and fitted to the PC for the transferring process. I used a UPS just in case.

Three and a half hours later (on a Athlon 1800+) we were done! 🙂

Time to fit the TurboNET card.

Loosen the tabs on the fan and take it out.

A strangely RJ45 shaped hole on the bottom of the case is the perfect size to pass the patch lead through

The TurboNET card is hard to push on. Using the anti-static bag helps save your fingers. The cable simply plugs in.

Fan back in place showing the cable existing underneath. Once out the back you can either just plug the patch lead straight into the wall, or cable tie the lead to the rear and use a back to back RJ45 coupler to give you a socket.

The “money shot”! All back together and working with a 139 hour capacity and networked!

Many thanks to James Hoye (for not killing my TiVo) and to Tony Butler for his guide which we followed for both procedures.

Tony Butlers TiVo Site – www.freeranger.co.uk

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