IEEE 1394b

The latest IEEE 1394b standard-compliant products will be demonstrated by Texas Instruments, January 8-11, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

TI’s 1394 devices are advancing the digital home entertainment network with its simplicity to the consumer. In the family room, products with 1394 will enable simpler wiring and the promise of a single remote. One 1394 cable can handle audio, video, and control data, there are few steps required to set up a 1394 network and no tricky hubs or routers are needed. A single 1394 connection is made between products, which are then daisy-chained together to create the network. Networks using 1394 also can work with existing Ethernet-compatible software and hardware. 1394b over CAT5 expands the power of the 1394 network. With long distance support, clusters of 1394 products throughout a house or small office can be linked together to achieve the ultimate digital home entertainment network.”


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