HDMI & Component CAT5/6 Faceplates

Key Digital HDMI  Faceplate

We spotted these beauties on our rounds – HiDef distribution, whether from your super digital HDMI or old school analogue component HD. You can use CAT5/CAT5E or CAT6 between points and they are available as free-standing units or in these wall plate versions.

“Key Digital’s HDMI FatCAT Series is the ideal product line for sending signals over CAT5/CAT5E cabling. All models support video resolutions up to 1080p and meet the HDMI 1.3 standards for full HD performance capability. For longer distances, use Key Digital’s KD-CAT5XCAT5 CAT5/6 cable extender.  Both the transmitting and receiving unit of the Digital FatCAT Series are available in either freestanding or wall plate versions.  The wall plate version includes an additional coaxial digital audio signal port for greater flexibility.

“The new series of digital FatCAT baluns gives every custom installer the opportunity to run video and audio signals at low cost throughout their customers’ homes and businesses” says Michael Lakhter, Vice President of Sales for Key Digital. “Our HDMI Path technology assures all installers and end users that signals will have the highest quality possible. Additionally our wall plate version gives the home owner an elegant connection point for any display using HDMI signals.”

Various options are avialable with prices starting around $300.00.

Key Diigital     [Via MultiRoom.fr]

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  1. $300 for a faceplate? I can get a Cat 5e faceplate for 2 UKP ($3)!


  2. Errr, it’s not a dumb faceplate. They are active baluns that transmit 1080P HD across CAT5

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