Exclusive – More New C-Bus Product Details

C-Bus Thermostat

After last weeks announcement of the new C-Bus black and white touchscreen, we were keen to talk to Schneider Electric at the smart home show over the weekend.

It seems Clipsal aren’t resting on their laurels as we have details on a raft of more new products including two thermostats, a blind relay as well as some details on products that are a little further out.

The 5070THP is a 4 Zone Programmable C-Bus Thermostat.  Available in two different models, 1 which includes five relays for driving ‘RWG’ style HVAC control lines and a version which does not include relays. Both variants are available with White (Saturn style), Black and Stainless Steel facias.  The LCD displays temperature in either degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit, as selected by the installer or operator. The LCD is capable of displaying temperature in the range -50°C (-58°F) to 37°C (99°F) and is backlit with white LED’s, with the level adjustable via C-Bus configuration parameters.  A temperature sensor is also incorporated into the unit, with an accuracy ± 0.5°C at 25°C and ± 1°C over the operational temperature range. The unit broadcasts the displayed temperature on C-Bus to enable other C-Bus devices to be able react to this information (eg, C-Bus Colour Touch Screen or Pascal Automation Controller).

C-Bus Thermostat
 5070THB  Series C-Bus Thermostat

The 5070THB is a single zone C-Bus thermostat. The unit incorporates a ‘Setback’ or ‘Economy Mode’ feature which allows the unit to operate with a wider than normal temperature range around a Setpoint. This is usually used when the home or building is unoccupied.  Setback allows energy saving, whilst maintaining a degree of comfort.  The Setback feature is enabled or disabled via a C-Bus Lighting Group Address.  All thermostat control parameters are accessible via C-Bus, from the C-Bus Toolkit software. The unit responds to C-Bus HVAC application messages and broadcasts the displayed temperature on C-Bus to enable other C-Bus devices to be able react to this information (eg, C-Bus Colour Touch Screen or Pascal Automation Controller).

The new Clipsal C-Bus Shutter Motor Control Relay Units are designed to directly drive the motors for soft furnishing components like motorised blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings. The relay unit can be easily installed in the switchboard or in the field in the optional din-rail mount enclosure.

C-Bus Blind Relay

Even More new products are in the works.  We’ve heard of a new USB IR Programming Lead and in our interview filmed with Schneider at the Smart Home show we took the opportunity to ask about some other rumoured products like a new Universal Dimmer and some news on Scene Controls for the E2000 range.

We know you like us to tease you so you’ll just have to wait for the release of the video next week to see what Schneider’s Andrew Pemberton had to say when we asked him about these unconfirmed products.

schneider-electric.co.uk   :   clipsal.com   :   PDFs for Thermostats

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