Useful Gadget of the Week : USB FM Transmitter

This little £15 wonder could be just the thing you need to distribute audio between rooms.

USB FM TRANSMITTER – A compact pen-drive style USB FM audio transmitter that makes it easy to play your computer music through any FM radio within range. Simply plug it into your computer USB socket and install the supplied software. Your computer will see the device as another sound card and the supplied software allows you to set the desired frequency. Very effective and very easy to use.

  • Frequency range: 87.5 – 108MHz
  • Power: 50nW
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Xp, Vista, 7 32 & 64 bit
  • A linux driver for this device will appear in linux kernel 3.4

(now discontinued)

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4 Comments on "Useful Gadget of the Week : USB FM Transmitter"

  1. I have Windows 8 64 bits and it is compatible. Great little product, works really well.

  2. Does it transmit mp3 files?
    I tried this cool tip on the raspberry. It works but the files must be in wav format and mono.

  3. It probably is doing the stereo and possibly RDS encode in software and using a high sample rate DAC straight into the transmitter, I used a windows program to transmit RDS the same way as an experiment in station hijacking back before there were any legit RDS stations over here.

  4. Daniel Audet | February 28, 2015 at 6:55 pm |

    looking for software for this item because I have lost mine, you have a download link al thank you in advance

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