Tiny FLIRC USB Dongle Adds IR Control to Raspberry Pi, NUC, HTPC’s

This has been around for a while and we’ve only just heard about it, but this cool little USB dongle may just make your day.

FLIRC features a small IR receiver in the form of a USB key.  It receives IR from any old remote you have lying around and then emulates keyboard presses.  Perfect if you need to add IR remote control to your Plex / XBMC / Boxee HTPC, NUC  or even your Raspberry Pi.

Download the software and run it on your Windows, Mac OSX or Linux PC and simply show the device what button you want to emulate what key-press.  Think up, down left, right, enter, back for starters and how about teaching the unit to use those transport keys that live on your TV remote for example to give you control of your HTPC from a single remote.  Once you’ve taught FLIRC the keys then unplug the unit and insert it into the device to be controlled.  FLIRC can store around 160 keys and can also emulate combinations like Alt-F4 (to close down windows).

Available from Amazon.  Check out the video below…

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How it Works – Flirc learns any remote control, not caring about different vendor protocols. Just walk through our super simple setup pairing individual remote buttons with ‘Media Center Buttons’ and you’re done.

Cross Platform Support – Our GUI was designed with QT, allowing for our software to be uniform across multiple operating systems. Our GUI is entirely open source. We are working on a boxee app. Program flirc right within boxee.

flirc.tv   :   Available from Amazon   :   More IR Remote Articles

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1 Comment on "Tiny FLIRC USB Dongle Adds IR Control to Raspberry Pi, NUC, HTPC’s"

  1. Roger Macmillan | August 6, 2014 at 6:30 pm |

    “Our GUI is entirely open source.”

    This statement will be misunderstood by most readers.

    The GUI does use only use open source software.

    However, the source code for the GUI itself is NOT “open source” ie available, despite promises made over 2 years ago by the software authors that it would be.

    Caveat emptor!

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