HD Connectivity Launch HDanywhere Modular HDMI HDBaseT Matrix

HD Connectivity have just announced a new range of high-end HDMI Matrix switches. The HDanywhere Modular range has been designed and built in the UK and is aimed at professional installers and integrators.

The system is capable of carrying uncompressed HDMI, Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, CEC and IR over a single Cat5e/6 cable. Full IP / web browser control is available from the system’s new “Heartbeat-OS” operating system and drivers are available for Control4, Crestron, AMX, and RTI amongst others.

The hardware can be customised with different modules to suit the installation and will be available to dealers from this March.  Read on for the full PR and video.

HDanywhere Modular is a highly customisable HDMI matrix switcher that enables integrators to bespoke build HD distribution systems perfectly matched to the individuality of every project.

Thanks to a patented system of interchangeable input/output (I/O) module options, integrators are able to specify which signal transmission technology is used for each TV location. Modules at launch include HDMI, full HDBaseT and HDBaseT-Lite, all of which can be mixed and matched in a single system, thus eliminating expensive unused capacity and unnecessary functionality.  Two chassis sizes are available: 4 in / 4 outs (MOD44) and 8 in / 8 outs (MOD88). Module options include:

  • HDMI (High Speed with Ethernet)
  • HDBaseT (5Play 100m) = uncompressed HDMI, Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), CEC and IR over a single Cat5e/6 cable.
  • HDBaseT-Lite (3Play 70m) = uncompressed HDMI, PoE, CEC and IR over a single Cat5e/6 cable.

The ability to mix and match HD distribution technologies enables integrators to custom build the matrix, tailored to the exact needs of the project. For example, a Smart TV location can utilise a full HDBaseT module in order to provide HDMI, IR control, plus a LAN connection for online content. A second older HDTV location, only requiring HDMI and IR control, can utilse the more cost-effective, but still perfectectly suitable, HDBaseT- Lite module. The two differing modules can be used within the same matrix.

dhanywhere moduleAs a result better value systems can be achieved without any trade-off in performance or functionality for the end-user. Should the project increase in scale to outgrow the existing chassis, or functionality requirements change, all modules can be easily swapped over and ported across to a bigger chassis. This can be done there and then on-site, thanks to a unique patented field-loadable module design.

HD Connectivity (HDC) is marketing the innovative system as “the world’s best HDMI matrix ever built for integrators – modular, managed and monitored”. Totally conceived, designed and built in Great Britain, HDC’s Modular development team has taken HDanywhere’s product design and engineering to a new level of performance, in their opinion creating a whole-new classification of HD distribution system: ‘the managed HDMI matrix’.

Modular is also the first matrix to use HDanywhere’s brand new operating system: ‘Heartbeat-OS’, a sophisticated matrix management software designed specifically for integrators. Similar to a Managed Network Switch, the matrix control panel can accessed directly or remotely via IP or web interface. Integrators can view real-time information for analysing system heath, cable distance, link bandwidth and integrity, errors and other diagnostics. It is also possible to modify, backup and restore configurations of IP, EDID, CEC settings, port assignments and firmware. Email alert notifications can be scheduled for regular system health reports or set to be triggered by key events that occur, such as an auto-reboot after power failure, or an unauthorised configuration change.

Chris Pinder (Managing Director of HD Connectivity): Our ambition was to build in the UK, the best HDMI matrix in the world. Not just out of a sense of patriotic pride, but out of a strong desire for seeing our own designs and innovations built to the quality we envisioned. Keeping the Modular project in the UK has meant that from conception, design, right through to production we have been able to keep an acute focus on quality and attention to detail, that generally gets severely diluted when working with the far-east. Modular is genuinely a new class of product in the HD distribution category, beautifully made with performance to match. And as every system is bespoke-built by the Integrator, it is the very definition of Custom Install.

Instant source switching IP-drivers are bundled free for all major control systems, including Control4, Crestron, AMX, and RTI. All components of the system are sold separately; chassis, input modules, output modules and receiver options. All modules and TV Receivers feature PoE meaning that a separate power supply is not required.

The Modular series is a professional range and the starting retail price is £3,500 for a 4X4 matrix. HD Connectivity say they can provide other 4 input 2 output device setups from £499.

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