Mac Mini – Home Server/Node Zero Rack

Just spotted this…”UStec, a leader in structured wiring systems for residences, allows you to easily place your Mac mini onto the home network. With our Mac mini-friendly holster, you can easily turn the Mac mini into a server for the entire home, sharing and centralizing all of your digital media. Once in place, it can utilize our commercial grade 10/100 Ethernet Switch/Router and 350Mhz rated tecWire and tecPorts, bringing you security, reliability and quality of service unseen in wireless networks.

The Builder Series tecCenters begin with our tecReady concept, an option that creates a basic infrastructure by putting high-bandwidth tecWire in place. You get the benefits of crystal clear television pictures and multiple phone lines in up to 10 locations. You can add computing capability later.

Builder Series tecCenters are designed for basic home entertainment systems. Adding a video amplifier boosts signals over dual coaxial cabling for crisp video for eight locations in your home. High-definition satellite also is available to eight locations.”   :   Mac mini

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