Apple WWDC Keynote 2014 – Here’s Your Cheat Sheet

After the usual rumour-fest of the past few weeks Apple’s 2014 WWDC Keynote has just finished. We got confirmation of the new smart Home API called HomeKit.  Here’s our cheat sheet of the mot interesting parts of the keynote…


  • OS X 10.10 is called – Yosemite
  • Brings New flatter Interface
  • ‘Continuity’ brings Airdrop between iOS and Mac (at last)
  • ‘Handoff’ switches between working on an app on OSX and iOS
  • Translucency everywhere (Vista flashback?), New ‘Dark’ Mode
  • New Notification Centre with widgets
  • More Alfred-like Spotlight
  • Dropbox-like ‘iCloud Drive’ – available on Windows too
  • ‘Mail Drop’ for sending up to 5GB attachments via iCloud
  • ‘Markup’ is a Skitch-like tool for marking images and PDFs
  • SMS’s and Phone Calls relayed from iPhone to your Mac
  • Released this Fall, beta available to Developers today



  • iOS 8 is a “Giant release”
  • Interactive Notifications
  • Mark an email unread with a single gesture
  • Double tap now shows recent contacts as well as apps
  • ‘Quick Type’ predictive text input
  • ‘Continuity’ and ‘Handoff’ as above
  • “Messages is most used app in iOS 7” – many enhancements coming
  • Tap to Talk
  • iCloud Drive allows work across applications
  • New Enterprise features
  • ‘HealthKit’ takes metrics from many apps to build overall picture
  • ‘Family Sharing’ easy setup of shared photos, calendars etc
  • Plus sharing app purchases of up to 6 members on single credit card
  • New Photos app
  • Every photo & video you take available on all devices through iCloud
  • New ‘Photos’ Mac app build around iCloud coming in early 2015
  • “affordable” pricing for extra iCloud space for your photos (eg $0.99/month for 20GB)
  • Developers can code Widgets for Notification Centre
  • Extensions coming to Safari
  • System wide 3rd party keyboards
  • Touch ID available to 3rd party apps
  • HomeKit – Confirmation of the rumoured Home Automation API
  • Control Locks, Lights, Camera, Doors, Plugs, Switches
  • Secure Pairing
  • Control Individual Devices
  • Group devices into scenes
  • Siri integration – eg say ‘good night house’ to trigger macro

Check out out – The Home Kit Framework – Details on Apple’s Home Automation Protocol

Apple Home Automation API Partners

Apples Initial Smart Home Partner Companies

Apple Smart Home API Features

HomeKit Home Automation Features  :  Watch the Keynote Video Here

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  1. Eagerly waiting for homekit

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