Idratek Release Cortex V24

Idratek Cortex V24

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“As well as the usual multitude of detailed enhancements this latest version of Cortex has been influenced by increasingly large and complex installations of the IDRATEK system.

To this end this version includes features to better support installers as well as to improve the user’s management and interface to these larger structures:

  • An Auto Reflex generation utility has been introduced which provides a one click solution for generating a basic set of Reflex programs directly from the Cortex database. In installations where several hundred interacting objects are the norm, this utility is an essential installer tool and also reduces the scope for human error. To the unfamiliar, Reflex is a low level control structure for an IDRATEK installation where the individual modules implement a basic but distributed control structure allowing continued operation of essential services such as lighting and heating in the event of failure in the main Cortex controller.
  • Dynamically generated HVAC menus: With the introduction of the new display module (DFP-H02) and with larger installations often implementing numerous heating zones, this feature enables Cortex to automatically (without installer programming) seek through the database and dynamically generate comprehensive HVAC menus for all zone controllers. These in turn allow a user to easily access status and adjust settings for any of the HVAC zones from any convenient location. Not only do these menus provide the user with an unprecedented level of control directly at any interface panel but, being dynamically generated, any changes that are made to the structure by installers or during later service visits are automatically propagated with no further programming requirement.
  • Alarm function extensions: Also driven by larger installations, where more detailed levels of detection and zoning are increasingly important, several new features have been added to the alarm function including concepts such as ‘PET friendly’ and ‘Boundary Breach’ mode.
  • Cortex V24 also sets up improved foundations and features for support of the new DFP-H02 module. Further features in the pipeline …

Further details on new features and enhancements can be found at

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