Half Price BT Home Monitor VP1000

One of our readers has just informed us of this half price offer on the BT Home Monitor system – The offer ends at midnight TONIGHT. The package is reduced from £179.99 to £90.00. At checkout enter the Code BTHM50.

“The BT Home Monitor VP1000 is an intelligent house alarm system that alerts you to intruders wherever you are in the UK, via e-mail, text message or a fixed-line telephone call*. You can also raise an alarm if you come under personal attack. The VP1000 is the complete Home Monitoring and Alarm System, giving you control and the ability to manage your system through a personal password-protected online account. This is a self install unit which uses wireless sensors.


  • Self Install
  • Wireless Technology
  • Supports up to 28 sensors
  • Alerts designated contacts via phone, email, SMS
  • Monitor the status of your home, via Internet
  • Keyfob – 1 unit
  • Magnetic Detector – 1 unit
  • Movement Detectors – 2 units

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