Environmental Monitoring

Just received this press release – HOT EQUIPMENT GETS COOL WITH ONLINE ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING – Has the Indian summer taken its toll on your technical equipment? If so, you’ll be please to hear that there’s a revolutionary new monitoring service that will call or text you if your equipment is close to meltdown.

Intamac Systems Ltd and Jacarta Ltd, have fused their expertise together to create the Jacarta Alert Centre, a revolutionary online environmental monitoring service that calls and texts IT or Facilities Managers and their staff if their equipment is threatened. A secure online account provides access to accurate real-time data on any event, and the equipments’ current state… The Jacarta Alert Centre monitors technical equipment or building systems for temperature, humidity, water, voltage change, air flow and physical security breaches. If a change from the norm is identified, the Jacarta Alert Centre raises the alarm to the first person on a list of contacts, by text message, voice message and email, or any combination of these, requesting that the contact respond to the alert.

Intamac’s intelligent monitoring system knows if a contact does not respond to an alert message. It escalates messages in succession to the remainder of the contacts until it receives a positive response, and then informs all contacts that someone is taking action.

IT and Facilities Managers have complete control over the telephone and text numbers, email addresses and the list of contacts that the Jacarta Alert Centre uses. These are all configurable through a secure online account, allowing details to be changed at a moments notice anywhere in the world.

Kevin Meagher, MD of Intamac Systems Ltd enthuses on how the Internet can improve company productivity, “the Jacarta Alert Centre will help companies to save time and resources in monitoring equipment, to save money by improving pre-breakdown analysis, and could even reduce insurance costs. This new service demonstrates how Intamac have incorporated our core Internet technology and expertise to add value to a company’s existing products and services, allowing our customers to exploit new opportunities and grow their market share.”

Visit the Jacarta Website   :   Visit the Intamac Website

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