CEDIA Expo 2007 Video Report


RemoteCentral.com have released their latest video, this time from the CEDIA Expo.

"This year’s report is an information-packed thirteen and three-quarter minutes covering more than 15 new remote controls. We have interviews with representatives from 5 manufacturers, you’ll get to go to the annual Remote Central / Universal Remote Control Inc. CEDIA party, and you’ll even have a front row seat for the ever-popular amp toss

So what remotes can you expect to see?

  • Acoustic Research AARU449
  • Control4 RCZ-SRC2-B
  • Crestron MLX-2
  • Marantz RC9001
  • Marantz RC3001 & RC2001
  • Niles iRemote TS
  • Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400
  • Philips Pronto TSU9200 and Prestigo SRU8015
  • Universal Electronics Inc. NevoQ50
  • Remote Control Systems Inc. TSR750
  • Remote Technologies Inc. T2-Cs
  • Remote Technologies Inc. T3-V
  • Remote Technologies Inc. U2
  • Universal Remote Control’s Complete Control MX-980
  • Universal Remote Control’s Complete Control MX-810"

Read the rest of the intro and download the video here – www.remotecentral.com/wn071015.htm 




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