AvantGo Problems

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One of the services we offer at AutomatedHome is the ability to grab the headlines to view on your PDA via AvantGo, and some of our subscribers may have noticed that since the re-launch of the site there have been numerous outages of this service.  Since the relaunch of the site our hosting service has noticed a massive increase in traffic from the AvantGo servers retrieving the news.

Our developers are working with AvantGo to try and resolve the problem, and to that end we implemented a fix to get the AvantGo servers to cache the content to try and reduce the number of requests we were receiving. We made this change live on Tuesday of this week, but it soon became apparant that this wasn’t going to solve the problem… The length of caching we implemented meant that the content hadn’t been cached by all the AvantGo servers by the time it expired and increasing the length of time it took to expire would degrade the value of the service to the subscribers.

We are currently working to reduce the amount of hits the AvantGo servers need to make to get the content, and we will be relaunching the service on a trial basis when this is complete.

You can follow the progress of this issue on the comments attached to this story, the developers & admins will keep you up to date with any new updates

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