Audiotron Available from Laser in UK


As of earlier today have added the AudioTron network MP3 player to their on-line catalogue.

“AudioTron transforms your PC into a powerful jukebox for your entire home. Using your PC to store a digital music library lets you easily manage your music collection, create custom playlists, burn CDs, transfer music to a portable digital player, and find any song you want without having to search through a pile of CDs.

By combining a networked PC with AudioTron, you can enjoy instant playback of any song at any time without having to sit in front of your PC. You can even listen to Internet radio stations on your stereo system! Best of all, by installing multiple AudioTrons throughout your home, several users can simultaneously listen to Internet radio or songs from your PC digital music library – making your entire music collection and the versatility of the Internet accessible to the entire family”… If you already have a home network, AudioTron is easy to set up – a comprehensive setup utility helps you get started and analyzes your network configuration. It also includes AudioStation, a powerful music jukebox program that lets you create a digital music library from your CDs and burn custom CDs.

AudioTron at Laser

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