20% OFF HomeVision IO Expander

Frank McAlinden has contacted us about a special offer of 20% discount on his I/O Expander for HomeVision (now only £39.96 + VAT)…

“Attention all HomeVision Users – Got some Christmas Home Automation that needs some extra I/O? Then take a look at my HV I/O Expander. It’s a little device that hangs off the HomeVision Expansion Bus, allowing up to eight input or output devices (or combination) to be connected to the Expander.

For example, in my own setup I use an Expander setup as an input device to monitor the status of my alarm pirs and this is used to trigger lighting commands at scheduled times. In the very near future I will be using an Expander as an output device to control my curtains and it’s also going to replace an IR relay interface in my setup.

Another user has employed the Expander to monitor his Home / Away status via his Keyrack Interface Project. Maybe you need to control some LED lighting? Give it a whirl, especially now as Laser are giving 20% OFF over the Christmas break…


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